Rabbit Royale

Complete muesli, ideal for growing & adult rabbits

Chudleys Rabbit Royale is a highly palatable, highly popular muesli for rabbits. Rabbit Royale is manufactured to a fixed formulation offering owners and breeders complete peace of mind. 

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  • Added herbs and vegetables for an appetising aroma
  • Good levels of beneficial fibre (32%) and prebiotics to help support digestive health
  • Like all Chudleys diets, Rabbit Royale contains QLC, our unique antioxidant package.
  • Mix of pellets, cereals and forage
Life stage    Daily requirement (g)
Growing (up to 1 year of age)    Free choice, typically 100-120g
Adult Maintenance    25g/kg bodyweight
Lactating     75g/kg bodyweight


Always provide a source of extra dietary long fibre in the form of good quality dust-free hay. Always make sure your rabbit has enough fresh drinking water.

With over 45 years of expertise and passion in the physiology, feeding and management of working dogs, Chudleys prides itself on its commitment to quality. Chudleys have formulated a specialist range of highly nutritious dog food, which contains substantial levels of quality protein alongside a patented blend of antioxidants, known as a Quality Life Care (QLC) package. QLC is a protection package with a specific blend of fruits and vegetables which are proven to work in synergy together to produce a more effective response to free radicals (which cause damage to cells), thus supporting your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Chudleys know first-hand how important it is to have peace of mind that your working dog is receiving optimum nutrition, whilst also ensuring that he is performing and looking at his very best. The Chudley family, renowned for breeding and training champion labradors, springer and cocker spaniels, had long been buying ingredients from our Islip feed mill before we decided to team up to create a targeted range of revolutionary feeds to specifically address the global needs of working dogs. The range has since been developed to meet all the requirements of a working dog whilst ensuring that there is a feedingsolution when in-and-out of season.

By understanding the physiological and nutritional demands of working dog, adopting the latest research and utilising modern manufacturing techniques, Chudleys have been able to create a comprehensive range of dog food that continues to proudly fuel generations of gun, farm, and other working dogs.

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