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KER Targeted Nutrition
Omega-3 Supplement

EO.3™ is a unique source of omega-3, derived from marine sources that can help maintain an optimal omega-3: omega-6 fatty acid ratio in equine diets. These essential fatty acids cannot be made by the horse and have to be supplied by the diet. There are two main categories of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega6 fatty acids. Grass fed horses receive a large proportion of omega-3 essential fatty acids from their grazing. Hay and cereals contain less omega-3’s. The equine body is more suited to a diet higher in omega-3’s compared to omega-6’s. Modern feeding regimes, combined with management and an increased reliance on conserved forages could mean that some horses are receiving a higher proportion of omega’6 fatty acids. Supplementing the diet with EO.3™ will help to restore balance.  

Source of omega-3 is key

Plant derived omega-3’s are converted in the body from their basic form to more complex and highly effective forms. Marine derived omega-3 sources supply these more complex forms directly into the body and therefore are a more potent way of supplying omega-3’s.

EO.3™ is produced by the Kentucky Equine Research Center. This scientific organisation was founded in 1988 by Dr. Joe Pagan and is known worldwide as an independent consultant for feed manufacturers. As a result, all KER products are unique, progressive feeds based on formulas that take into account the scientifically proven nutritional needs of horses.

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  • Maintaining joint health and supporting joint function
  • Skin and Hoof Condition
  • Supporting lung health in stabled horses or those in hard work
  • Suckling Foals

Suitable for

  • Working Horses, from light to heavy work
  • Pregnant mares, supplementation of the mare is passed directly to the foal with positive effects on foetal nervous system development
  • Stallions and their semen quality

Add 30-60ml to the feed. Horses in heavy work, recovering from illness and breeding stallions may require 60-120ml.

For best results gradually introduce the EO.3™ into the diet over a period of 5-7days and divide between the daily feeds. 

Container size: 946 ml (32 servings) 


KER - loopband - supplementen voor paardenKER Targeted Nutrition is a brand of innovative equine health and nutrition supplements developed by Kentucky Equine Research, the leader in equine nutrition technology.

KER Targeted Nutrition features products developed for horses with special nutritional needs. The range of products addresses commonplace conditions like obesity and gastrointestinal health as well as complex problems like tying-up and bone demineralization. Backed by science and preferred by veterinarians, KER products are designed with one goal in mind: to optimize the health of your horse.

Equine nutrition research & consultation at its best

Kentucky Equine Research is an international equine nutrition, research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry's knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses.
Founded in 1988, Kentucky Equine Research boasts a unique collection of nutritionists, veterinarians, researchers and horsemen that collaborate to investigate barriers to performance, develop solutions and provide education to the equine industry. Results from research trials conducted at Kentucky Equine Research's research farms in Kentucky and Florida, as well as advancements in equine nutrition from institutions around the world, form the basis for continued development of innovative solutions to the health and nutritional challenges inherent in the management of the modern equine.

View the videos below to learn more about Kentucky Equine Research and the research undertaken by the leaders in equine nutrition. 

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