Yea Sacc

Natural digestive health supplement

Yea-Sacc is a totally natural product and is a highly concentrated viable yeast culture based on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain 1026. This live yeast culture has generated more research in the UK and worldwide than any other product of its kind.

The aim of supplementation with yeast culture is to transfer viable populations of yeast to the site of digestion thus stimulating the microbial population already present. Diets supplemented with yeast stimulate the cellulytic bacteria and micro fungi in the hindgut resulting in optimised fibre digestion and energy extraction. The pH of the hindgut is also very important in the development and maintenance of cellulytic activity and rapid changes in pH can lead to the proliferation of microbial populations with a lower efficiency of utilization of dietary fibre. Yea-Sacc helps to maintain a stable environment in the hindgut to ensure good levels of fibre-digesting bacteria. Research has shown that Yea-Sacc aids protein digestion, and phosphorous and calcium absorption, all important for the nutrition of the young growing horse, lactating mare and the exercising horse.

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  • Natural
  • Increased fibre digestion resulting in better feed utilization
  • Helps support a normal hindgut pH which minimizes hindgut dysfunction
  • Decreased lactic acid concentration in the hindgut to help maintain and optimise appetite and maintain normal feed intake patterns
  • Optimal diet utilization helping to maintain ideal body condition score
  • One 10 gram daily allowance supplies 25 billion live yeast cells helping to competively exclude non-beneficial bacteria.
  • Suitable for any horse or pony to help maintain normal digestive efficiency, but specifically useful for horses and ponies maintained on a predominantly forage based ration, lactating mares to help maintain optimum milk quality and immune transfer to suckling foals and young growing horses to support normal growth patterns and weight gain.

Horses: 80 grams daily
40 grams daily

Always try to feed a minimum of 1.5% of bodyweight as good quality forage. e.g. 500 kg horse would eat 7.5 kg of hay per day. It is recommended that Yea Sacc is fed on a continual basis once it is introduced into the horses ration to achieve optimum results.

Traditional but innovative

Saracen is an independent, family owned business with more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing animal feeds. The company takes pride in its traditional family heritage, and stays true to the founding values of trust, integrity, quality, and commitment to exceptional customer service. 

In challenging environments, Saracen continues to combine these values with modern manufacturing capabilities and innovative, research-led formulations keep the company at the forefront of modern feed manufacture. 

Wide range

With its range of feeds, Saracen has brought together the everyday items needed for feeding different types of horses in varying stages of life and activity, growth and development. The feeds continue to provide the top quality nutrition you expect from Saracen, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. When fed correctly, Saracen products can be very cost effective due to their nutrient density.

Quality control

Saracen is dedicated to producing nutritionally sound, innovative rations and providing customers with an accessible and personal service. The company sets itself the highest of standards in quality control. Annual quality audits determine continued compliance to UFAS (United Feed Assurance Scheme) and BETA NOPS Code of Practice. Saracen has an "open declaration" policy, which means that every ingredient is declared on the feed labels. Saracen also works to fixed formulations to protect the integrity and quality of its diets.


Feeding a horse properly doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated as long as you keep your nutritional goals in mind. Saracen is here to help you understand how to achieve those goals with the correct products and feeding strategies: simple, practical solutions that make sense. Saracen has a professional, well-qualified and understanding team of people on its staff who work hard to listen to your horse’s nutritional requirements, and to your ambitions.

You can request advice and a free no obligation "Feed Check" with the Saracen Feed Advice Form, or use our interactive Ration Consultant, to find out if the diet you are feeding your horse is meeting his nutrient requirements.

The consultant will ask you questions on your horse and their routine and will help you to understand if/where their diet is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.

Partnership with Kentucky Equine Research (KER)

Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd. has always been dedicated to producing nutritionally sound, innovative formulas and providing customers with accessible personal service. These commitments led Saracen to Kentucky Equine Research (KER), founded by Dr. Joe Pagan Ph.D. in 1988.

Saracen is the exclusive Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Team Member in the UK.

KER is the most prolific independent equine research center in the world, entirely committed to the advancement of breeding and athletic performance through nutrition. The aim at KER is to enhance the understanding of equine nutrition and exercise physiology, and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses. From its headquarters in Central Kentucky, KER conducts extensive research, and each research trial is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of horses by targeting specific problems, and finding nutritional solutions.

The collaboration has given Saracen the chance to consistently provide nutritional solutions with unique, progressive feeds that can make a real difference, along with the science to support them. RE-LEVE®, Level-Grow™ and Super Fibre Pencils are good examples of concept feeds that have been produced as joint projects.

For more information on KER, please click here.

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