Winter well with Re-Covery mash!

Saracen Re-Covery Mash is highly palatable, versatile and convenient to use in many different situations. During cold winter months it is especially suited to help increase fibre and water intake. In this post, we answer the most frequently asked questions about feeding Re-Covery Mash during winter. 

Can I feed Re-Covery mash on a daily basis?

Yes you can, the mash doesn't contain a full range of vitamins and minerals so can be fed alongside your horse's normal feeding regime without causing a nutritional imbalance. Rich in 'Super-Fibres', quality proteins and electrolytes, the mash can be fed as and when needed to support water and fibre intake without disturbing the horses normal feed routine. 

Is Re-Covery mash suitable for horses prone to ulcers?

Yes, the mash can be fed to horses that are prone to equine gastric ulcers due to its high fibre, low sugar and starch level. 

Is Re-Covery mash heating?

No, Re-Covery mash is founded on a base of superfibres known for their superior digestibility and provision of non-heating calories, helping to support optimal fibre and water intake during the winter months. 

How does Re-Covery Mash help with water intake in the winter? 

Research has shown that water intake can reduce by 6-14% when temperatures are very low. Offering a bucket of Re-Covery mash which is drenched in warm water, ideally with water sitting on top of the feed, encourages the horse to drink the fluid before eating the banana mash. 

The source of electrolytes also helps to stimulate the thirst response. 

How much Re-Covery Mash should I feed?

If you are feeding Re-Covery Mash on a daily basis we would recommend feeding 0.5 to 1 kg. This can be fed as a single feed or split into smaller amounts. The amounts soaked can be altered depending on the needs and appetite of your horse but should not exceed 3 kg per day. 

Can Re-Covery Mash be fed to Laminitics?

Yes, Re-Covery Mash can be fed to horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis because it is low in sugar and starch. The mash is not formulated to replace any part of the horses current feed or forage ration but can be fed in small amounts daily, or as required to help maximise water and fibre intake.

Remember Re-Covery Mash is highly palatable so as little as 100 grams can be soaked at a time if you are managing those horses or ponies that are overweight, good doers or at risk of laminitis. 

You can order Re-Covery mash here and here (travel pouch). Would you like personalised feeding advice? Fill out our form and our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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