NEW PRODUCT: Re-Covery Mash from Saracen Horse Feeds

Saracen Horse Feeds introduced their Re-Covery Mash as an unique product. It is the result of many years research and development, and the very first targeted feed to support the re-hydration and RE-COVERY of horses following intensive training and performance, exertion, travel, convalescing and during periods of warm weather.

Additional feed, wherever and whenever it is needed ...

The Re-Covery Mash can be fed as an extra feed, in addition to the existing ration of your horse. It contains no vitamins and minerals that can cause an imbalance in the nutritional values. The mash however does contain additional electrolytes, super fibers, living yeasts, vitamin E and high-quality proteins. Ingredients which help your horse hydrate and recover after a major effort. The mash is banana flavored,  to entice the fussiest of feeders.

If you notice your horse finds it more difficult to eat or drink when away from home or has been sweating a lot during intense training in warm weather, then Re-Covery Mash from Saracen Horse Feeds is the ultimate addition to his or her ration. You can find the product here.

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