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Horslyx Balancers were first manufactured in 1997, the debut product in the equestrian range being the Original Horslyx. After initial success, also Respiratory, Garlic and Mobility Horslyx were introduced. The original concept however never changed: all Horslyx are a unique combination of a lick and a balancer. 

Let your horse choose! 

The horse evolved to eat little and often over the day, with the main part of the diet being forage. However, today’s forage is a far cry from that which our equine’s ancestors would have roamed on and grazed in history. While times may have changed, our horse’s digestive system hasn’t, and we need to take this into consideration when planning a feeding regime, ideally keeping the principles of a diet based mainly on forage with a trickle feed supply of nutrients provided to balance the diet to keep our equines healthy. 

Horslyx is not the only horse feed company that develops balancers for horses, but the balancers of Horslyx are truly unique because they are designed based on a lick. This way the horse itself kan choose how much and when he needs extra vitamins. It might surprise you, but most horses that have a Horslyx to their disposition, are able to balance their diet perfectly and do not need to be fed additionally. 

Horslyx are available in small tubs (650 gr) up untill the biggest format of 80 kg. These bigger licks can be permanently placed in your horses stable or pasture. De small licks are ideal to use as a reward when teaching your horse tricks.

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