10% reduction on Horslyx as long as the competition season is on hold!

Because of the quarantaine measures that have been taken in the fight against COVID-19, the equestrian competition season is on hold. As a result, a lot of horses are being ridden significantly less.

Less additional feed

Your horse will thus be using less energy and for that reason, we can recommend to lower the amount of additional feed your horse receives or to temporarely not give any additional feed at all. However it is important to ensure your horse receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

That is why Animal Royal is a fan of Horslyx: balancers in the shape of a lick! These licks are packed with vitamins and minerals, and they can supplement the nutritiens roughage lacks. Adding to that, your horse gets to decide itself when and how many extra nutritients are necessary. The licks are also an excellent way to prevent boredom.

Enjoy a reduction during the stop of the competition season 

You can find the full Horslyx Range via this link. And up untill the competition season can start agian, you enjoy 10% reduction on all of the Horslyx licks. 

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