At Dallas Keith, since 1972, we have been at the forefront in developing and expanding the supplementation side of the animal feed world and continue to be innovators. We developed a molasses mineral block in a bucket in the 1970's long before such products were widely available to UK farmers. Dallas Keith understands the importance of mineral, trace element and vitamin supplementation and the vital role each plays in ensuring animals are performing to the best of their ability.

Dallas Keith's Equine Flexi Range: 

  • Contains the vital vitamins and minerals that are commonly deficient in modern pastures and forage
  • All horses have the chance to supplement their diet at will/as required
  • The unique formulation ensures muscle and bone development whilst enhancing body, coat and foot condition.
  • When offered alongside good quality forage our Equine Flexi range removes the need for hard feed, making it time and cost effective for you 
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